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Welcome! TGo is always looking for great guests who offer "trailblazing" insightful information on topics such as business development, entrepreneurship, marketing, performance, personal and professional development, health, wellness and success. So, if you're someone who has a life-changing story, a trailblazer in your industry, an entrepreneur, an expert in your field or a thought leader please apply to be a guest!


- Good natural or in-house lighting is a must. The director will assist you prior to the interview.
- A built-in microphone is okay but a professional external microphone is preferred.


- A full HD web camera is required for all interviews. 
- All interviews are video recorded
- A presentable background area is required (Zoom virtual backgrounds maybe used)


- High Speed Internet Is Required
- All interviews will recorded via Zoom
- Below Application must be completed in full. 
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above 3 steps are mandatory to ensure a quality interview, 
I understand that this interview will be produced, edited and maybe distributed by MelRose 11 LLC on various television networks, streaming and online platforms. I agree that Producer/MelRose 11 LLC may video me and record my voice during and in connection with the production. I agree that the Producer shall be the exclusive owner of all copyright and other rights in and to such video and recording. I further agree that Producer/MelRose 11 LLC may use my name, voice and likeness in the advertising and promotion of the production. I further understand that my execution of this form is deemed consideration for the Producer/MelRose 11 LLC allowing me to appear in the production and I acknowledge that the Producer/MelRose 11 LLC will incur considerable expense in reliance on my execution of this production.
I agree to promote my interview on Expert Talk with TGo on my social media platforms, websites, mobile apps and stream platforms if possible as well.
*We truly appreciate you reaching out and submitting your request to be on Expert Talk with TGo. We look forward to reading your application and learning more about you. We will be in touch if we feel you would be a great fit for the show. Please refrain from emailing us to follow up.  If you don’t hear from us, it could simply be because there is just more interest than availability.
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